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Lyrics represent your soul.
Songwriter's Pad puts your soul on steroids
Writing songs is a struggle. It takes time, effort and yes frustration! You need intense focus and concentration. And, zero distraction.
To write truly powerful lyrics, you need to sweat. Do you ever...
  • Feel frustrated or overwhelmed coming up with lyrics?
  •  Wish you could take your songs to the next level?
  •  Lose track of good ideas?
  •  Suffer writer's block?
  •  Have ideas in your head yet can't put them into words
Songwriter's Pad THINKS like YOU
Designed by songwriters who understand your struggle, this app gives you the tools you need to write optimal lyrics. At your fingertips. Totally intuitive and simple. Streamlining the process.
It inspires creativity!
With special features like a "Mood" button to generate new phrases, and beat backing track recording, this app wil get your creative "juices" flowing

If you're looking to create lyrical perfection, you need an app specially designed for songs. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or old fashioned pen and paper...simply won't do the trick. A truly professiional craftsman needs the proper tools. You'd never expect a surgeon's equipment to come from Home Depot, or a guitarist to shop at WalMart.

Writing lyrics is exactly the same. The right tools and equipment - custom designed for your craft - can make all the difference.
Used by newbies and Grammy Award winners alike
Whether your new to lyric writing or are a seasoned professional you know you're in good company. Tens of thousands of songwriter's including Grammy Award winners use Songwriter's Pad everyday. 

This could be the very best investment you've ever made toward your songwriting career.
What songwriters are saying...
Songwriter's Pad testimonial
Hi Dante… 
What a great tool, man…
This tool does everything I can think of when writing new songs and more…!

It’s simply brilliant.

- Ramos
Songwriter's Pad testimonial
Love this app. Been transferring my notepad songs and I love the ideas bar. 

Has helped my writing evolve immensely! Thank you for creating this!

- J.
Hillboy Records

I’ve been using SP for about 3-4 years. I’ve owned Masterwriter, and like SP better. 

I like the portability, I have it on my phone, iPad and laptop. I can write wherever I am with it. It’s also awesome for keeping my songs organized and sharing with co-writers. 

I am a chapter coordinator for NSAI, and I regularly talk up the virtues of SP to my songwriter friends. It’s a must have tool for any writer!

- D. Tucker
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